After burglary, an Elkhart family is thankful they have each other

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 Posted 11/22/2012 3:25:52 AM
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11/22/2012 12:00:00 AM
After burglary, an Elkhart family is thankful they have each other
After burglary, an Elkhart family is thankful they have each other
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 Posted 11/22/2012 7:00:36 PM
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You are victims of the lawlessness of a declining community. The social fabric of your environment reflects the acceptance by your city government to open it's doors to any and everyone without question. The result is murders and crimes that never get resolved because the lack of enforcement of the law in your community. Elkhart, as I have stated is becoming one of the least desirable destinations in northern Indiana d/t the facts that you may be very likely be a victim of crime and the community seems to avoid taking any responsibility for the criminal activity that the neighborhoods experience. It seems like the police and city officials avoid and have given up on crime control. They are less than visible in the neighborhoods that need them most. They avoid confrontations with the criminal element by remaining in those areas that need them the least.Be aware of your environment and know that the truth is the community's neighborhoods that have large minority populations, blacks, hispanic and etc. should be avoided as places of residence.Living in these areas only enhances your possibilities of being a victim of some type of crime. This statement may seem racist, but it is still a fact and does not mean to be. People who obey the law are those of whom I refer to, need avoid the these less than desirable areas.No matter what your heritage.
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 Posted 11/24/2012 6:51:54 AM
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Nothing has changed in Elkhart. The police, prosecutor, judges and ALL of city and county government is corrupt and/or incompetent. They have been this way for decades. They have no desire to find people who commit violent and dangerous crimes, no money to be made. Instead they concern themselves with things that can line their pockets with “fool’s gold”.   With a crime rate of 49 per one thousand residents, Elkhart has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes - from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One's chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 20. Within Indiana, more than 92% of the communities have a lower crime rate than Elkhart.

Importantly, when you compare Elkhart to other communities of similar population, then Elkhart crime rate (violent and property crimes combined) is quite a bit higher than average. Regardless of how Elkhart does relative to all communities in America of all sizes, when NeighborhoodScout compared it to communities of similar population size, its crime rate per thousand residents stands out as higher than most.

The crime data that NeighborhoodScout used for this analysis are the seven offenses from the uniform crime reports, collected by the FBI from 17,000 local law enforcement agencies, and include both violent and property crimes, combined.

Now let us turn to take a look at how Elkhart does for violent crimes specifically, and then how it does for property crimes. This is important because the overall crime rate can be further illuminated by understanding if violent crime or property crimes (or both) are the major contributors to the general rate of crime in Elkhart.

From our analysis, we discovered that violent crime in Elkhart occurs at a rate higher than in most communities of all population sizes in America. The chance that a person will become a victim of a violent crime in Elkhart; such as armed robbery, aggravated assault, rape or murder; is 1 in 325. This equates to a rate of 3 per one thousand inhabitants.

Now let’s look at what the police and the court system REALLY do, shall we? This information is based on their own annual reports. Which can be found at;


On the Elkhart County Prosecutor website, note that of the “Top 41 Most Wanted” only 9 are for violent crimes. On the Sheriff’s web site we see that over 70% of the resources are used to write traffic violations. May I suggest remembering this when it is time to go to the polls again. You may want to vote for a Sheriff that isn’t distracted by “shiny objects” and a Prosecutor with a moral compass that points a bit more north. Or maybe even a Prosecutor with a moral compass at all would be a good start.
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 Posted 11/28/2012 7:43:57 AM
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Great letter and great comments all around.  

NoIlluminati is my kind of guy!  I like how he things and he is backing it up with the facts.

We need a larger well regulated militia and a smaller standing army of public service officials in Police just like the Fire Department is run.  This can increase protection and reduce government costs.

There is a large base of volunteers that are commanded by some full time employed leaders.  The volunteers should not operate autonomously and still report to leadership, have regular classes and meetings but they can run their own neighborhood watches and patrols and be armed and trained.

The volunteer role should be primarily patrol and they should be trained to call for backup FIRST and to not engage suspects without the full time pros providing leadership there.  

Volunteers should have a gun, be trained how to use it properly to only protect themselves but should be trained to NOT make arrests on their own or pursue in any way that is not covert surveillance.  

They can also provide more manpower when a call is made and professional leadership is on site just like volunteer firefighters don't enter a burning building without a commander on site.  The should be the forward scouts and have a very efficient and secure way of calling in the pros in mass.

Yeah the highly publicized Travan Martin case will be cited as the reason not to do something like this, but George Zimmerman had no strong background check and will be going to Prison for a very very long time.

Yes there might be a slight increase in these types of cased but they will be strongly offset with less violence overall.  Lives will be saved on balance and crime will be reduced.

The carry and conceal permit training at the jail is a good first step.  When coupled with neighborhood watch programs - run by community neighborhood volunteers who are constantly evaluated with the same kind of background checks that currently paid law enforcement.  

Smart phones provide alerts and secure communications in the same way that Police radios do.

I am strongly considering packing heat myself, but I want to be properly trained AND have very close communications with the police if I do.

Once again this is nothing new - Sherrifs Deputies used to be volunteers.

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