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Regina Butts, Osceola, IN

It is so hard for me to say goodbye to Helene because she has been a part of my life for such a very long time. Not only have we worked together the almost 30 years I have been at Elkhart General Hospital, but I knew Helene from before that when her and I were nursing students together at Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, and then we also became neighbors, both living in Osceola. Our lives have run parallel for so long: school, work, daughters at Penn High School, daughters in Penn Volleyball, daughters at Woerbrouck's School of Dance. For so long now our lives have meandered and blended and coincided and bounced off of each other that it is heartbreaking to think I will no longer be able to see her or talk with her. I was sad when she told me she was retiring, but this is so much more than sadness. Helene we will all miss your grace and elegance, your sweet smile, your beautiful voice and your wonderful accent. You were a generous and caring nurse, a good employee, a dear friend, a loving mother and wife, and the best neighbor anyone could ask for. Your passing truly leaves a hole in all of our hearts and in all of our lives. I will miss you sweet friend, more than you know.

Craig Crouch, Fort Worth, TX

Joe, sorry to hear about the loss of your wife.

Karen Montgmery-Newland, Elkhart, IN

So sorry hearing of Helene Deak's passing. She was a wonderful mother and wife. New her well when the for of us ran around together during the days of Whitehall Labs. She will be missed.

Laura Replogle, Elkhart, IN

Helenes quite,caring demeanor always made her a lovely person to work with. My prayers and sympathy to her family.

David Everett, Elkhat, IN

I am sorry to hear of Helene's passing. I met her on her first trip to Indiana and although we spoke different languages we became friends. I saw far too little of her over the years. My sympathy goes out to Joe and the rest of the family.

Johna Radford, Edwarsdburg, MI

Oh how I will miss Helene! She enjoyed life, her family and bing a nurse so much. She was such a sweet, compassionate, and caring nurse. I loved hearing stories about Natalie and Joe.

Laurie Bradley, Edwrdsburg, MI

What a wonderful lady,I worked with her @ EGH.She was always so happy and I loved her compassion for her patients! I can still hear her lovely voice.She will be so greatly missed RIP Darling. Love,Laurie

Terri Hilyard, Brownsburg, IN

Helene was the consummate nurse - we started at about the same time at EGH, and she was always smiling. Plus I loved to hear her talk!

Debbie Davis, Osceola, IN

I have worked with Helene for a good many years at EGH plus I had the pleasure of having her as a nurse and experience her loving care that she gave. She will be greatly missed by so many people. Rest in Peace.

Jackie Earnhart, Goshen, IN

I have worked with Helene at EGH for many many years she always took pride in her work.And she always had that BIG smile on her face when she was with her patient.She will be missed.
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