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Les was a great man. I truly loved him and so does my family. He was a role model and teacher to many. My son still quotes him daily with one of his infamous sayings "Daisy Mae ,Daisy Mae.Les was a man that meant what he said and said what he meant.He was honest,trustworthy,thoughtful,kind and loving. He was a great role model to my family. He has many friends/family in the community that will miss him. He was a great story teller of life.He worked by the sweat of his brow. When he turned 18 he worked his 1st job as a farm hand making $1.00 a day! He would spend 10 cent out of $1.00 and save the rest.He paid cash for his first car! A whopping$1,500.00 and drove back home to show it off to his dad.Concord bus driver, egg farmer, used car salesman, store owner, property investor; what ever Les could find his hands to do he did it. AND MOST OF ALL HE ALWAYS SAID "I ALWAYS GIVE THANKS TO THE GOOD LORD ABOVE"! REST IN PEACE MY FRIEND AND MAY YOUR FAMILY BE AT PEACE!
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