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LuWonie Scott, Elkhart, IN

: Ms Frankie was a very nice lady! To her family, we are sorry for your lose! Residence at Riverside Terrace/ Elkhart, In

Barbara Ott, Union, MI

Liz, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. Barbara Ott

Violet Barber, Elkart, IN

So sorry to hear about Frankie just saw her at assembly in Ohio hadn't seen her in years used to work with her n Charlie at the hospital so good to see them both at assembly I can kind of understand just lost my sister but we have the hope of seeing her again. Love to all the family

Theresa Tyler, South Bend, IN

I am very sorry for your loss. I hope to see Frankie in paradise very shortly.

Curtis and Jean (Army) Buford, Elkhart, IN

To the family of Frankie,deepest sympathy on the loss of your loved one.We grew up in the same area and have known each other for years.May you all find comfort in the Lord at this time to ease your pain.She will be missed.

Jack Danner, Elkhart, IN

10-06-13 7:53 AM Greetings, I wish the families and friends well. It is sad to have to deal with life and death in this present system of things that is dominated by Satan and his influence. However, Romans 15:4, there is much that we can consider in God's word that can help us to live better and more enjoyable lives even now as we look forward to when death, pain, and suffering will no longer exist, as it does now, Rev. 21: 3&4. We look forward to seeing Frankie again, in paradise.

Edry Danner, Elkhart, IN

To the Family and Friends of Frankie, I am so sorry for the pain that death causes. We miss the person that is no longer with us but please find comfort in the knowledge that Jehovah will bring all those in his memory back. Jesus promised his disciples that he would do that at John chapter 5 verses 28 and 29. We know that it will happen because the Bible tells us at Acts chapter 24 verse 15. Another proof that this will happen can be found in what happened when Jesus saw the pain death caused when Lazarus died, Jesus gave way to tears. Friends I am so sorry for the death. Everyone who knew her will miss her but we have hope of seeing her again. Please be comforted by that knowledge, knowing that the promise is from God.
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