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Cathy Bowers-Ford, Maryville, TN

Janey I see you every day because a picture of you and I dressed for church is apart of my screen saver. I loved your family so much and they were so important in my early years. I always hoped to be the wonderful cook and mother that your mom was and I had contacted her years ago to send me her Carmel rolls and her candy recipes that she made every Christmas and she was very gracious to share them with me. Daddy looked forward to her candy every year. We were blessed to know all of you and I will continue to smile and think of the wonderful times that enriched my life everytime our picture passes in front of me on my computer. God Bless you and I still love all of you.

Tammy Hatfield-Stone, Elkhart, IN

I was just speaking to my co workers about Trick or Treat and how Mrs. Lesley made the very best popcorn balls. That is a great childhood memory. I am sorry for your loss.
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