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Edry Danner, Elkhart, IN

To the Family and Friends of Devonte Patrick, there are no words that can express the pain that accompanies the death of someone we love. When the person is young it is even harder. I regret you are having to experience this at this time but know that the Creator will help you to cope with what you can not change. He can and will bring our loved ones back, but in the meantime we hurt so bad and I am so very sorry for that. Some scriptures that might help you to look forward with hope are John chapter 5 verses 28 and 29, Acts chapter 24 verse 15, John chapter 11 verses 25 and 26. Friends, the Bible encourages us to put faith in the God who created us and did not do it with death as it's purpose. We were created to live and enjoy life. Some day this will be a reality. Read these scriptures and believe that we will see our loved one again.

J. Hershberger , Elkhart, IN

My heart goes out to Devonte's family. I cannot imagine the pain from this loss. He was a sweet kid and loved clowning around. I taught him a couple years back. I hope there can be peace from this.
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