Memories and Condolences

Ruth (Watkins) Summers, Elkhart, IN

We were so startled by her death and I just didn't have time to come./ You kids played with my kids when you lived acrooss from us in Nappanee. (Kelly, Angie,Troy) I am so sorry..she was a great lady and I really liked her. My sympathys to you, Laron and all the rest of you...Ryan, Nick, guys are in my prayers.

Jo Dick, Goshen, IN

I wrote his for Beth when she retired. It's entitled "Ode to a Lovely Lady." What a lovely lady so gracious and kind. When thinking of her these things come to mind...A great sense of humor, oh the tales she could tell, some were about room 209, the haunted cell. Faith in her God is another thing that stands out, when the going got tough, there was never a doubt. Beth has been through some very hard things, but when she spoke of her grandkids, her proud heart would sing. When I first started working, she only had one,but she's up to eight after the birth of Jackson. She willingly shared with others in need and many were recipients of her kind deeds. However, the only thing that she did not share was her beloved point chart that she held onto like a bear. We will miss this great lady, the Queen of Detention which is what she was dubbed. We wish her the best and send her our love. She really was all those things and more. I am so thankful to have known such a wonderful lady.

Susan Mora, Goshen, IN

I feel truly blessed to have known Beth! It is rare indeed to know someone so full of love, compassion, and faith. She dedicated her life at work to helping children who had lost their way and was always so sweet and patient in her contacts with them. She dedicated her life outside of work to God and family. Her children, grandchildren, and husband were always talked of proudly and with a twinkle in her eye! She will be dearly missed and her loving nature never forgotten.

Cathy Briano, Goshen, IN

If there was ever a person who deserved a mansion in heaven it is Beth. She was truly someone who had a pure heart. She will be greatly missed.

Anthony , South Bend, IN

I'm thankful to have worked with you and learned from you. You always brought pleasure to my day. I'll miss you!

Lindsay London, Nappanee, IN

You will be greatly missed! We love you and thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.