Memories and Condolences




sorry for your loss

Dennis Mishler, Indianapolis, IN

I grew up in Prairie Street Mennonite Church with George Mark and his family. I have a vast amount of memories, but here is what comes to mind when I think of George Mark. Dr. Mark was a swift thinker as well as a quick speaker. This was his gift. He was much more than that though. He had a heart of gold, and he cared more than many people ever knew. It is true that no matter what was going on in the church, you could count on George always being there to give his support. As a young lad when I first learned that Dr. Mark was an internist I said: "That's not a doctor; a surgeon, now that's a doctor." I never forgot those words, and later what happened; I never saw coming. I had no idea that someday what I said as a teenager would mean something more to me. Dr. Mark had a profound effect on my life. The things he said changed me. While I was growing up, he helped me make good decisions that ended up being the right choices. I will always be grateful to him. George always strived to do the right thing. As I doctor and a person, I don't think he ever stopped trying to figure out what was best. Finally, when I think of George, he was a happy giver, a relentless supporter, a dedicated church member, a faithful family man, and a great friend. We will all miss him, and I will miss hearing what he has to say. Dennis Mishler Internist Indianapolis

Stan Compton, Woodland Hills, CA

I am so soeey for your loss, I met George soon after he opened his office in Elkhart. I proposed that doing insurance physicals would create income and help him meet new patients. He did many insurance exams for my clients and was instrumental in helping my father with his health issues. He was a brilliant man.

Susan Growcock, Vandalia, MI

So sorry to hear of Dr. Mark's passing! I worked with him for many years at Elkhart General. He also was my mother's dr. for decades, & he would often stop by my office at Elkhart General just to chat. I've only seen him twice since I retired in 2006 & moved to Michigan. He was a very nice & interesting man! Susan Growcock :)

David & Dee Yoder, Pittsboro, NC

Dear Arlene, We send our deepest sympathies, prayers and thoughts to you at this time of George's death. Blessings on you and your family. David & Dee Yoder

David & Dee Yoder, Pittsboro, NC

Dear Arlene, Dee and I send our sincere prayers and thoughts to you at this time of George's passing. Blessings on you and the your family. David and Dee Yoder, Pittsboro, N.C.