Memories and Condolences

Gloria Griffin, Elkhart, IN

Death is an enemy , it hurt so deeply when we lose someone we love very much. Only thing that give me hope is when he resurrected Lazarus a very good friend of Jesus . Jesus did this to let people know in the near future he's going to bring back all the dead people all the way back in Noah day. He did say, he the resurrection of life. Please read john5:28,29 and act 24:14,15. These two scripture build my hope in what Jesus will do in the near future, also read, Rev.21:3,4. Penny, take out time to read these scripture their very encouraging. Again am very sorry for your loss he will be missed until Jesus bring him back in the new world.

Janet Milller, Goshen, IN

Penny, I am so sorry to hear of Fred's passing. I worked with him briefly at the Kroger on hively during the store resets. May God give you peace in your time of sorrow.