Memories and Condolences

Gary , Elkhart, IN

I am so very glad to have spent some time with your family today. So many years have passed since we last met...but you are still beautiful Mary...even when you are not angry like the time I drunkenly ran my van into your car. Lordy! I thought you were going to call the cops on me! LOL now...but it wasn't funny then. It was great talking with both Rodney and Robert. I hope you learn from the mistakes of our generation and make positive choices for yourselves. That is the challenge of our lives. I learned from the mistakes of my Dad as well as the best of his intentions. Stay positive! I can say that both Rod and I were damaged goods...he was a friend of mine. Bless all of you with long and healthy lives.

Gary Gilbert, Elkhart, IN

I feel very sad to read this today on the internet. I met Rod in 1998 and last talked with him in 2005. During that 7 years he was a younger brother to me...we shared a lot of adventures...a lot of fun times...and a friendship that experienced many of the tragic times of life as well. I am a science fiction book nut. Rod was fascinated with the Deep Star Nine series when I met him. He collected every episode and actually memorized many of the character role plays. He collected and put together probably over a hundred models of the Star Ship amazing collection...some of which were very detailed...he was often tinkering with his own improvisations...and he literally memorized many of the dialogue's along with the story lines from the Trek Series. A role-play that comes to mind is Quark the bartender giving Garmack a drink and tells him to taste it. Garmack says, 'Oh...that tastes vile...disgusting.' Quark says, 'Well...if you drink enough of it over a period of will begin to like it.' This many others that Rod would quote or joke about now and then... My memories of Rod are all good...I was blessed by his friendship. Thoughts at the moment for Mary, Randy, Rod, and Robert. Rod would laugh knowing that as I type this message about him on the is growing dark outside with thunder boomers. He would read something into that.

pat , Goshen, IN

Sorry for your loss. My Prayers for Family.