Memories and Condolences

Edry Danner, Elkhart, IN

To the family of Charles Henderson, It is so hard to find the correct words to express grief when someone we love dies. Needless to say I am sorry that this has happened to you, but I am glad that those who go to sleep in death have a real hope. The God who gave life to all mankind, through Adam and Eve, has promised that he will bring back those who go to sleep before he destroys this wicked system and the One who causes death, Hebrews chapter 2 verse 14. Jesus promised at John chapter 5 verses 28, 29 to bring back to life all those sleeping in the grave. Acts chapter 24 verse 15 also promises us that this purpose of the Creator will actually be a reality. Take comfort in the precious truths recorded in the Bible. After all, it is a book for all mankind from the Creator. May the God of peace be with you each one until death is done away with.

Mary Heskett Brown, White Pigeon, MI

Im so sorry to hear that Charlie had passed,we had some really good times back in the school days he was a good friend and a good man he will be truly missed.My heart and prayers goes out to his family.

Donald Newton, Elkhart, IN

Charlie will always be on my mind because he was a real man...No matter what kind of day I was having at work he made it easy for me. He will be very missed and my hear is with the family.

Erica Reschke, Cassopolis, MI

Charlie was a good man with a caring heart. He was a wonderful friend. I am blessed to have known. He will always be remembered and missed.